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Thread: Too much trust in open source?

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    Too much trust in open source?

    Some fear that Linux and open-source developers have become complacent in the commonly held belief that open-source programs are more secure. They're taking note of recent findings.

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    Re: Too much trust in open source?

    It doesn't matter how many security holes exist. They'll all be patched with in the hour they're found.

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    Re: Too much trust in open source?

    I couldn't have said it better myself, t048.

    Of course linux has bugs. Software is coded by humans; humans are imperfect and thus so is code.

    It just so happens that the Open Source development model allows bugs to be found and fix much faster than the Closed Source model.

    There's an exploit that allows any recent versions of IE, even with security at max and all scripting disabled, to run arbitrary code. That's a massive hole! Any webmaster, if he chose to do so, could format your Windows harddrive, or worse. This bug has remained ignored by MS for how long? Months? Contrast that with the plethora of obscure, hard-to-exploit Linux holes that are fixed within 24 hours of discovery.

    I think we need to stop reading ZDNet, it's mostly sensationalistic crap that has no basis in reality (the fscking zlib vuln was not specific to linux! grrr).

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    Re: Too much trust in open source?

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