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Thread: Tips for New Linux Users

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    Tips for New Linux Users

    So, you've finally installed Linux, after what probably seemed like an endless journey in a labyrinth of distribution information, and often a bit too positive, esoteric installation instructions. A let's not forget partitioning instructions that look like they were written by Einstein, with contradictory, often misleading advice. I'm sure you still have many questions about how to accomplish the simplest tasks in your new Linux system. The purpose of this first article is to answer a few of them, focusing on items such as file managers, directory structures, tarballs, and mime types.,00.asp

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    Re: Tips for New Linux Users

    good stuff

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    Re: Tips for New Linux Users

    Very informative and a good read. * *;D


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    Re: Tips for New Linux Users

    I want more articles like that...

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