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Thread: Where did the IRC PET go?

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    Where did the IRC PET go?

    I really need it, I am pretty new to IRC and feel well... DUMB!

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    Re: Where did the IRC PET go?

    never saw this PET what was it about ?.. maybe i or others can help you ..

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    Re: Where did the IRC PET go?

    It was a PET on IRC commands, I ahve been using IRC kinda regualrly for a month or but I have no ideas on most stuff, there was a PET here when the site first started in the section 'plain english tutorials' , which has since been moved to it own section (quite rightfully) but I could use this PET.

    I need to know about 'operator' - someone gave me operator status and i had no idea of what to do with it.

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    Re: Where did the IRC PET go?

    hmm operator status means that you are a privileged user of a channel .. it allows you to kick other opers , voices and non opers, you can also enforce bans and remove them .. it also enables you to make other voices and non ops to ops ..

    .. oping and deoping someone

    /op <nick>
    /deop <nick>

    /kick <nick> or hostname
    /ban <nick> or hostname

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    Re: Where did the IRC PET go?

    /msg chanserv help


    have fun! basically they are man pages...

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    Re: Where did the IRC PET go?

    If you have the OP status assigned by chanserv once you join, then If you like to fool others, you could allways be loged in with another nick than your registered one. a /msg nickserv identify <usual nic> <your pass>
    will register you, chanserv wont see its you when you join, then once the kiddies gets too hot blooded in the chan(now that theres no "chanOPS&quot, you just /msg chanserv op #channel <your current nick> and either do a /kick or a /ban on them.. Or simply msg the request to chanserv, and they won't know what hit them..

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    Re: Where did the IRC PET go?

    Thanks all! that helps

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    Re: Where did the IRC PET go?

    sounds like a good idea
    many of us migrate to #ljr during DNS issues
    I will look into creating one this afternoon and submitting it

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    Re: Where did the IRC PET go?

    Now I am thinking "that coltrane is a sexy MF"


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