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Thread: Idea for LJr.

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    Idea for LJr.

    Hi All,
    I am trying to think of cool ideas for linux junior - one of these would be a sticky FAQ at the top of each of the useful sections, i.e. the Linux Forums - not off topic, blah blah - while fun not really helpful when i am wondering how to set up my new wizzo device. Many quesitons get hashed over and over and a nice kind of library would be cool. What do you poeple think ?

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    Re: Idea for LJr.

    I like it, how about a wikki page for user submitted FAQ's?

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    Re: Idea for LJr.

    hmm .. a wiki page would be a very good idea imho ..

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    Re: Idea for LJr.

    what's a wikki page?

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    Re: Idea for LJr.

    what's a wikki page?
    Yes! please tell us what a wikki page is.

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    Re: Idea for LJr.

    It's opensource for the net!

    Anybody can make changes to a webpage, update info, correct things... basically it's open authoring...

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