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Thread: Problem with WEP and Intel Wireless Pro 2200bg

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    Problem with WEP and Intel Wireless Pro 2200bg

    My problem is this. I have just installed Fedora 4 on my dell laptop. It has an intel pro 2200bg wireless card which was not detected at first. I installed the firmware version 2.2 with is compatible with my ipw2200 1.0 kernel driver and the wireless card was detected perfectly. However when I tried to set up WEP encrytion on my wireless network I get this error when activating my wireless card
    Determining IP information for icmp open socket: Permission denied


    Determining IP information for eth1,cannot determine IP information, cable unpluged, check cable

    My encryption key is typed in correctly and the card works perfectly with the same encryption under windows xp. If I switch off encryption the connection works perfectly. I am using DHCP to assign my IP address and when I type "cat /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth1" in the teminal I get this output

    This seems that a connection has been detected and established but why can I not connect with encryption turned on. I need the wireless connection for college. They use DHCP with 128bit WEP encryption so I dont have the luxury of setting a static IP address, even when I did set a static address with WEP on, it still did not connect to my home network. I assume there is some problem with WEP and IP detection.

    Would really like to get this to work.
    Any help would be great


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    There could be a number of problems:

    1. The SSID is defined, but there is no WEP key. This is kept in a separate keys-eth1 file in the same directory.
    2. You have a boot protocol of DHCP, and also have IP addresses assigned.
    3. The fact that you cannot ping, may be due to a iptables firewall running that denies ICMP pings. It could also be due toth fact that the username under which you are logged in doesn't have permissions to activate the NIC.
    4. Could there be confusion between your wireless NIC and wired NIC on the laptop? It seems strange that there is a message about bad cabling on a wireless NIC.

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