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Thread: Google search

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    Google search

    As you can see added a Google search box to the site. It points directly to so you can do Linux related searches from this site. Lemme know what y'all think.

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    Re: Google search

    Pretty cool. Nice touch.

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    Re: Google search

    Google is my favorite search engine

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    Re: Google search

    Same here

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    Re: Google search

    Another reason why LJR leads the way! EXCELLENT!!!

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    Re: Google search

    most excellent!!! Thanks

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    Re: Google search

    thats the good stuff 8)

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    Re: Google search

    Pfff! I have a Google box with Opera ALL THE TIME! So I don't need no Google search box on LJR ;D

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    Re: Google search

    Interesting, I like it. Perhaps you should add a second box that only searches LJR

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    Re: Google search

    goodgle :)

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