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Thread: Linux Jr 404?

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    Linux Jr 404?


    Whazzup with Linux Jr? I think this evening is the first time it's worked for me since Friday night.

    Just thought you'd want to know

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    Re: Linux Jr 404?

    I haven't had any problems.

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    Re: Linux Jr 404?

    The site was up all weekend. It must have been something with your connection. Did you actually get a 404, file not found message?

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    Re: Linux Jr 404?

    It's been working for me...

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    Re: Linux Jr 404?


    It wasn't actually a 404. galeon just said it couldn't be found. That's why I saw FoBoT's post about LinuxISO @ LNO. I went out for my forum fix and couldn't get LinuxJr, but other sites were fine. Must have been something along the way, looks like I should have tried a traceroute.


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