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Thread: Using squid as internet monitoring tool

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    Using squid as internet monitoring tool


    At the moment I have suse linux setup as my DNS server, I realise that some of my users are misusing the internet, I need to setup squid as internet monitoring so that I can see who is the culprit, could some one out there be my saviour.
    Please I need to know what to edit and what command I need to insert, if possible step-by-step procedure will be highly appreciated.

    Please i am new to Linux.


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    first of all you need to download squid package for your suse.
    I dont know about suse but i did it with red hat and red hat comes with built in squid package.
    you can download squid from net , first of all install it.
    then you need to configure squid file that is
    in squid.conf you have to mention your cache size , your ip range of network to whom you are giving internet.
    for monitoring and keeping watch on people of ur network you have to check the logs which by default comes in /var/log/squid
    if u want to restrist people from accessing certain sites u can set acl for squid.
    go get it , install it , and catch him.
    thanks and regard

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    Hi gbollyd, you might try Dante also, I found it a bit easier to configure for proxying, but it doesn't have the caching capability of squid.
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    visit this page

    If you want step by step guidelines, try visiting
    Its a very good site and i have just setup my own proxy following their guidelines. You have to start squid first ie
    #rcsquid start
    then go and edit /etc/squid/squid.conf
    Good luck

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    Here is a step by step tutorial.
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