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Thread: new forum graphics

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    new forum graphics

    The new forum graphics are looking good to me (I just noticed them) 8)

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    Re: new forum graphics

    The new graphics came with the new PHP/MySQL version that I'm working on right now. There are some I don't really like, I will revert them back to the old version.

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    Re: new forum graphics

    Gee, good thing I don't have xfree86 installed and I don't know what the heck you're talking about...

    Will I recognise this place next weekend when I find the time to reinstall x?

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    Re: new forum graphics

    I think I like the old ones better too actually.

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    Re: new forum graphics

    the only change I see are the folders and I just noticed the buttons in the post reply form have a blue background instead of grey. Anything else different?

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    Re: new forum graphics

    either just opened my eyes or cleaned out the cache or something. Anyways I see now.

    Previous statement retracted

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    Re: new forum graphics

    i dont see it ?

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