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Thread: Linux working as Cisco Works (VPN & mobil clients)

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    Linux working as Cisco Works (VPN & mobil clients)

    Hello all, I am new here and need your help.
    This is mi issue... I try to create a Linux BOX Swith that support VLANs with one VLan client mobil. To do it I modified the dhcpd.conf to delivery differents nets in 3 eths, for example: with 3 subnets, one in eth0. Also with other net range in eth1, and in eth2, I did put some clientes fixed by MAC, by example with 00-08-XXXX and It works fine in the 1st nic, and the DHCP works.

    Then I able eth1:1 with the second range of the first ( here and eth2:1 with the 3th range here ( here.

    Then when I try to delivery one segment od IPs outside VLAN mobil, those disable the eth1 or eth2, I suppose because the delivery no understand what IP gave to the client.

    Showing the message: Interface eth1 matches multiple shared networks

    I try to simulate the CISCO Works system for VLAN mobile clients.

    Please I need ideas and help.

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    DHCP doesn't work well on servers with multiple NICs as the DHCP replies will always go out the NIC that is assigned the default gateway.

    For more details on this check this link on Using a Single DHCP Server to Serve Multiple Networks.

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