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Thread: MySQL/PHP forum

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    MySQL/PHP forum

    Did that idea just die, I thought it kicked major ass, only the quoting needed to be fixed, so that you could see who was being quoted, like you can now...

    The new forum is IMHO WAY better than this one (read. more speed, more neat features)

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    Re: MySQL/PHP forum

    I thought it wasn't PHP driven but MySQL backend with Perl ... Oh well, may be I didn't paid much attention ... And also, may be Cloverm is waiting for some bugs to be worked out from YaBB developers ( though I don't know what's his mind exactly )... When Clovem implemented and see the boards in action, I would be interested in that too ...

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    Re: MySQL/PHP forum

    Well, the PHP version is still up the way we left it. The reason I haven't gone any further with it is mostly because I didn't see any speed improvement. I would also have to implement some existing features, such as custom avatar uploads and turning off cencorship besides the reported problems. Right now I'm tied up with some other big projects and don't want to spend time with the new version unless it IS a major improvement.

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    Re: MySQL/PHP forum

    As I said, I think the new forum has massive amounts of improvements - and I think it's the way to go.

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