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Thread: ljr email addresses?

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    ljr email addresses?

    Cloverm, how feasable would it be to get some of us LJR email addresses? If you had a chance to look at the thread regarding in the OT section, you'd know that I'm out one email address and am sort of forced into using my university email address (not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but I want something that will stick with me after college.)

    If you let us have some email addresses, I'll promise to not subscribe to so many mailing lists. Perhaps I'll just stick to the debian-kde mailing list, although that one would get quite a number of emails in a day.

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    Re: ljr email addresses?

    Well, I have 10 email accounts with the hosting that pinehead provides. If you really-really want one, send me an email. I try not to take too much bandwith away from pinehead, theirs is limited too.

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