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Thread: Amazed at peoples stupidity

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    Amazed at peoples stupidity

    A guy just paid 320$ for a picture of an Xbox... via egay..

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    Re: Amazed at peoples stupidity

    It says invalid item. That shouldn't surprise you though. A few months ago a woman bought a Playstation 2 box for well over what a new one cost. It was in the auction that it was only a box, but it was kind of vague. Needless to say she was quite pissed. Also, some guy sold his soul on there. It wasn't exactly a trick but it was funny. His ex-girlfriend bought it for about $20. (I don't know if she actually paid him but she bid for it.)

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    Re: Amazed at peoples stupidity

    I stayed away from EBay for a long time now.... It's not what it used to be and it has all way too many cornartists.....

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    Re: Amazed at peoples stupidity

    I know a couple of people who were outright gypped there, and it's just about impossible to straighten things out. The "ban" they put on swindlers is almost funny.

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