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Thread: Osama's Days Numbered

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    Re: Osama's Days Numbered

    I hope he gets wasted on December 26, because that's Boxing Day in Canada... ;D

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    Re: Osama's Days Numbered

    The biggest problem with dealing with bin Laden is the fact that, no matter how he ends up dead, the radical faction of the Muslim fundimentalist movement is going to make him a martyer. The perception (as I understand it) is not if he won a war with us, but that he stood up to us. Saddam was tooting his horn right after the Gulf war. He said (in effect) "Look at me! I stood up to the whole western coalition!" His people ate it up. Bin Laden WILL be a martyer, so the wisest thing we can do is capture him, try him and put him in the deepest, darkest hole we can find. That makes him a captive, not a martyer. Kinda takes the wind out of any argument that al-Quida might have about murdering their leader, and it's all nice and legal. I wonder how long he can survive on bread and water?
    I have to disagree. I say kill everyone of those taliban monkeys, cut off their heads, and put them in a monument commemerating (however you spell that) the deaths of our fallen comrades. Show it to the world as a display of what happens when you fuck with us. If the government had the guts to do stuff like that, you know damn well these piss ant countries wouldn't fuck with us anymore.

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    Re: Osama's Days Numbered

    Hope The Northern Alliance will even give us a chance to gut those Taliban - Al qaeda(can't spell it) bistards.They don't seem to be in a sporting mood when they capture any.Which is ok by me.All foreign rats fighting with the Taliban are probably dead men if they get captured as they should be.I don't feel the whole stinking lot should be given any quarter.We will fight again any that slither away.Kill'em all. Let God or Allah sort'em out

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    Re: Osama's Days Numbered

    i say *January 10th

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    Re: Osama's Days Numbered

    I don't think there's any way in hell he will let himself be captured an brought to the states. It will be a Berlin Bunker scenario. He will do himself in before he falls into the hands of "western devils" for sure. That's my prediction. He will see 2002, then a body will be found, possibly that of Osama bin Laden. Badly charred. And we will have to accept that as an end to the Osama Drama.

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