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Thread: Taliban virus

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    Taliban virus

    I love you...

    But since we, the taliban, in our infinite wisdom banned computers and the internet, and therefore lack the skill and knowledge to produce email viruses, this is a manual virus.
    Now please, delete all your files and send this email to 50 of your closest friends.

    Thank you

    Muhammed of the taliban

    A friend of mine got this in his email yesterday... enjoy

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    Re: Taliban virus


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    Re: Taliban virus

    /me watchs in amazement as johnmann pulls a " rm -rf / " on his box

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    Re: Taliban virus

    Since I'm just reading it here, and I haven't received the e-mail, I don't have to delete everything right?

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    Re: Taliban virus

    Ah, this is a broken virus. I just deleted all my files, but now I can't send out the e-mail to 50 of my friends! ;D

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    Re: Taliban virus

    I just received 50 e's threatening to restore my files. Somebody's not getting it right.

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