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    Lovechild solved the last one. This one should be harder.

    A man was found dead alongside some bicycles.

    Same rules as last time. I will only answer questions to which I can answer yes or no. No more than four questions per post please.

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    Re: whodunnit2

    *cough* OLD ONE !!!!

    Q: A man lies dead in a room with fifty-three bicycles in front of him.

    A: The "bicycles" are Bicycle playing cards; the man was cheating at cards, and when the extra card was found, he was killed by the other players.

    I'm guessing, a variant of this one... right ?

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    Re: whodunnit2

    If that's the correct answer, then it wasn't really a fair question. It says some bicycles. How were we supposed to know it was 53? And what the heck are "bicycle playing cards"??

    Maybe the man just got run over by a lot of cyclists who stopped to see who they accidentally run over.

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    Re: whodunnit2

    And what the heck are "bicycle playing cards"??
    Bycycle playing cards, like in Automobile playing cards, where you would battle on volume, speed, acceleation, the one who had the best number would win the deck.
    Like in Dictator playing cards:

    The given areas to battle on these cards are translated:
    Millions of dead
    Own country men
    Ruled amount of years

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    Re: whodunnit2

    Alexsanderband rules!

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    Re: whodunnit2

    Did this happen in Newark?


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