My laptop is a Acer Aspire 1355LCi. I have just installed Suse 10.0 on it and would like to use the built-in wireless card. It has two network cards:

Realtek RTL8180L and
ALI VT6102 Rhine-II

I use the Realtek to access the internet via a cat 5 cable. I am not sure how to install the drivers for the ALI.

I called Suse support and the tech there said that I need to use ndiswrapper and IPW2100.INF file that I would find on the windows CD's that came with the Laptop. I have looked and looked and done searches on all 3 CD's and haven't found that file or any file that starts with IPW and ends with INF.

When I looked using google, I only found the sourceforge site for the linux IPW2100 file, the same applied to the Intel site, where I also looked.

Now I am confused.

Do I use ndiswrapper and the Windows Realtek driver (this is the one I use for a hardline access to the internet) or do I use ndiswrapper with IPW2100 even though it is a linux driver or do I just install the IPW2100 driver without ndiswrapper.