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Thread: Final exams

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    Final exams

    Of this round anyways... Soo I'm panic posting to calm myself

    Wish me luck !

    This time the challenge is Programming (C++) and Digital Circuits all together a 4 hour exam !

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    Re: Final exams

    Good luck!

    Just be happy that your tests are on subjects that could concievably be considered interesting! In january I get to write Diploma exams in Social Studies, Chemistry, and Physics -- all boring beyond belief, and just as easy!

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    Re: Final exams

    c++ exams are fun
    i averaged 95% on my C++ exams last year

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    Re: Final exams

    The last exam I took, the heating system died, and my hands turned blue (UConn in December) >

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    Re: Final exams

    My finals are in next week too and I'm pretty scare of C Programming.
    At least the rest of the stuff are pretty much easy. Data communications, Emerging technologies, Wide Area Networking, Introduction to UNIX and DOS 6.22 : The requirement for all technology related courses :....

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    Re: Final exams

    c++ exams are fun
    i averaged 95% on my C++ exams last year

    I bet I did like 50-60 % on mine... I really hate arrays !! I always fuck them up and it takes me forever to get them right !!!

    I aced the Digital thingy though !

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    Re: Final exams

    C++ exams are fun

    A four hour exam is NOT though

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