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Thread: This is just scary !

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    This is just scary !

    I just realised how much time I spend in here... half the threads in the playground, was started by me... and I have a complete lack of <NEW> tags... I need to get a life !

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    Re: This is just scary !

    I think I'm worse. I haven't started many threads but I have replied like a maniac. In just around 2 months, I've went from 11th place (in posts) to 5th, maybe even higher now. Some day I'll be number 1, and then I can finally retire.

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    Re: This is just scary !

    yea, you guys post too much :P

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    Re: This is just scary !

    Justifies the YaBB, don't it? 8)

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    Re: This is just scary !

    It seems Lovechild is next above me with over 300 posts more than me. Give me about a week on that one.

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    Re: This is just scary !

    I remember the last forum I used to hang out a lot at. I had about 2500 posts, then they went and redesigned everything and we all lost our postcount. There were only about 3 people over 2000, and only 10 over 1000. I could have stopped posting for a month and I'd still have been in the lead... but nooo... I don't have the will to make it back up to the top there again. Hopefully I can do it here

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    Re: This is just scary !

    Look out Lovechild. Here I come.

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