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Thread: Geek Pickup lines

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    Geek Pickup lines

    To prove that we have fun on #ljr

    "Hey baby - binary or source?"
    "Where's your interface soo I can 0wn you"
    "Damn girl... your X look pretty"
    "I'm Ralinx of borg, resistance is futile, thou will be compiled"
    "LFS BABY!!"
    "How about I load my module in your kernel?"
    "You can run SUID on me anytime"
    "How about I fsck U?"
    "Damn girl.. You wanna be rooted huh"
    "Hey baby, did I tell you the source is with me?"
    "b4by l3tz fsck"
    "Do you use protection? Sure I have ReiserFS"
    "apt-get install charm"
    "Baby, you look like a web cam girl"
    "Baby... You look better than 1600x1200x32"
    "Babygirl, you made my kernel oops"
    "When I look into your eyes, I segfault"
    "Girl, can I copy you into my home dir. ?"
    "Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I send another IP package?"
    "Hey beautiful, you know I'm build with optimisations right?"
    "I'm embedded"
    "Baby, you look like Mac, you talk like Linux but you are all BSD!!"
    "Damn, You make my software into hardware"
    "Yea, I'm good at foreplay.. I use Objectprelinking!"
    "cat /proc/kenshi/tool > /proc/baby/lovecanal"
    "Baby, if I were to install myself on you.. deb or rpm ?"
    "Baby, I don't have to run ldconfig to get you to compile huh?"
    "Baby, what do you say we spin these harddrive platters and go back to my home dir. ?"
    "grep -R blonde, cd ~, strip, finger, mount, gasp, yes, umount, sleep... what do you say ?"
    "Baby... should we just cd ~?"
    "Wanna cd .. with me sweet thing"
    "Wanna come back to my place and look at my distro collection?"
    "I run Linux, soo you know my uptime is good!!"
    "Embed me baby !"
    "Baby... I love GNU"
    "Baby... Fork my source!"
    "I'm GPL'ed, feel free to use me and pass me on to your girlfriends!"
    "I'm a newbie baby, I have no XP - help me compile"

    Best of love
    Lovechild, Ralinx and Kenshi

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    Re: Geek Pickup lines

    the scary thing is that we were all sober at the time :/

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    Re: Geek Pickup lines

    the scary thing is that we were all sober at the time :/
    Why is that scary ?

    BOOH YA GAH !!

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    Re: Geek Pickup lines

    How did I miss that conversation? Here I was saying that the only thing chatting on #ljr was the crickets...

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    Re: Geek Pickup lines

    you forgot something about making my floppy turn into a harddrive , something like that ???

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    Re: Geek Pickup lines

    u mean the software to hardware one?
    cuz that's in there

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    Re: Geek Pickup lines

    Yes, we are some wild and crazy guys! (If you watched the old SNL, think of that when you read that.)

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    Re: Geek Pickup lines

    Oh man...and to think I was at a bar, missing this....

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    Re: Geek Pickup lines

    "Baby... Fork my source!"
    My fav.

    I want that on a t-shirt !!!

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    Re: Geek Pickup lines

    My fav.

    I want that on a t-shirt !!!
    That's not a bad idea. Let's start a company, me, you, and Ralinx.

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