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Thread: Take care !

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    Don't blame her for that though. Things happened fast and she was in a difficult situation. People tend to make mistakes when those conditions exist. Maybe in a few days, or weeks, or whenever, she'll say, "What the hell have I done?!" and beg you to come back. Nevertheless I doubt she's one bit happy that you're gone like I was before you came back. [smiles] But you'll see of what I speak in due time.
    I know, and let's just say that I have some very fond memories of certain places in Turku... fx. there is a small coffee shop where I don't think we can show our faces again :-X

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    Re: Take care !

    This sounds like a coffee shop I don't want to visit. Good thing I have no desire to go to Finland. I want to get nasty in a cinema. Now there's something to gloat about. (I hope you didn't get that busy in the coffee shop, or you are truely crazy.)

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