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Thread: Shotgun wanted !

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    Shotgun wanted !

    Ok... My ISP did it this time, they provide a lousy service, and now they made a 50% increase in my payment (adding only a 1 gb to the cap)....

    This sucks so very badly, and futhermore.... they are appearently cutting upload speeds to, so my SF ping will be shot.... !


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    Re: Shotgun wanted !

    That sucks.

    I'm sure there's a good reason, but why don't you change ISPs?

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    Re: Shotgun wanted !

    We care. They don't. Tell them to put their "service" where the Sun don't shine. (Surely [u]something[u] else is available). >

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    Re: Shotgun wanted !

    Will a rifle do? I don't use shotguns as they are only good for killing (and blowing up coke cans).

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    Re: Shotgun wanted !

    They are still the cheapest (and crappiest) 1Mbit / 256 Kbit ISP I can get in my area. So, I'll have to live with it for now, untill I can get DSL or Satellite based Inet.

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    Re: Shotgun wanted !

    Shotguns arn't very fun and democrats hate them (like everything else). Try a BFG :-P.

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    Re: Shotgun wanted !

    w00t, good news..

    My fathers company might pay for a 2 MBit inet connection... Thank god, and that will double my upload speed... SF players, look out.

    New IT Taxs laws in Denmark... very sweet - means that I get the 2 MBit connection cheaper than I get cable right now... SWEET

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    Re: Shotgun wanted !

    D4mmit... I was just about to suggest you get a 56k dial-up instead :P

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