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Thread: Dick measuring !!!

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    Re: Dick measuring !!!

    Mind the slivers!!!!!

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    Re: Dick measuring !!!

    is this a thread asking what 'pet names' we have for gentilalia? well i once said to mine "you are very bad" after my wife called me to let me know she was pregnant with our #2 child. Why call it bad? She was on the pill. much like our friend Dean 'creedon' Moriarity i could have gotten a telephone pole pregnant.
    "You've been a naughty boy."

    "What's that honey?"

    "Oh nothing. Just talking to my penis."

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    Re: Dick measuring !!!

    The biggest dick (or prick) I ever heard of was a Richard (Nixon). Anyway, in the spirit of things, I was going to measure my wang, but I couldn't find my micrometer. ;D

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    Re: Dick measuring !!!

    The biggest *dick (or prick) I ever heard of was a Richard (Nixon). *Anyway, in the spirit of things, I was going to measure my wang, but I couldn't find my micrometer. ;D
    Don't make me laugh like that! My work partner is a female and I find it difficult to explain to her why I was laughing so hard!

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    Re: Dick measuring !!!

    This thread is thoroughly repulsive & downright naughty. I hope you are all ashamed.


    Richard Cranium

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    Re: Dick measuring !!!

    my name is Nick and i have a dick

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    Re: Dick measuring !!!

    Okay... this was suppose to have been fun.... but it turned out wrong...

    Is nobody really called Richard?

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    Re: Dick measuring !!!

    I have a friend named Richard, but he's a dick.

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    Re: Dick measuring !!!

    You want Richard? I'll give you Richard... upside your head.

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    Re: Dick measuring !!!

    Infatuation with the name Richard indicates a serotonin imbalance, retrogressive personality repressive disorder, and incipient tendencies to be a real dick. 8)

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