i don't remember having a european DMCA... or a missile defense system for that matter
Think more general than that. Europeans are passing more and more laws every day, just like us, going in the same dictatorship direction. Now they may be a pretty good distance from it right now but people tend not to notice until it's too late. There seems to be a cycle. First a land is liberated from dictatorship or harsh government, like we were in 1776. Then everyone is happy but over a large period of time, more and more laws are passed and the country eventually turns into a dictatorship again. And the cycle goes on. The United States hasn't been here long enough to go through 2 complete cycles yet, but Japan has. First they were under the rule of an emperor, which was actually pretty fair for the people. Then, in the 1300's, the Muramachi shogunate slowly came to power. It lasted for a while and then somehow (can't remember how) the emperialists came to power again. Then, in the 1600's I believe, the Tokugawa shogunate obtained rule. In the late 1800's, they had their revolution and the Meiji government came into existence. It's a cycle that might never end. I thought that in these times, we had overcome that cycle, but I'm beginning to think otherwise. Never turn your back on the government.