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Thread: W00t! Plush Tux!

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    W00t! Plush Tux!

    Wahoo, I finally got my hands on a plush tux!

    /me so happy... ;D

    When I get home I'm going to sit him on top of my monitor.

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    Re: W00t! Plush Tux!

    I'm green with envy!

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    Re: W00t! Plush Tux!

    Hey, uh, mind if I see it for a sec ...

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    Re: W00t! Plush Tux!

    Why sure, here ya go... hey, wait! WHERE ARE YOU GOING WITH MY TUX?!?!? COME BACK!! ... come back... please?

    Lol. I have access to a digital camera at school, I'll take a picture of tux at school on monday. Maybe I'll even have him sitting on Gates' face

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    Re: W00t! Plush Tux!

    HAH!!! I've got an inflatible Tux that came with my CorelLinux 1.2 distro. And he's 18" tall- just fits on top of my tower. ;D ;D

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    Re: W00t! Plush Tux!

    D'oh! I left it at mom's house, forgot to bring it home with me last night. I don't know when I'll be getting it back...

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