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Thread: no angst thread

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    Re: no angst thread

    "wah! that boiling coffee on my lap hurts"
    ROFL, that made my day

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    Re: no angst thread

    I hate stuff.

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    Re: no angst thread

    i hate winter. i hate taking my car to the brushless car wash. i hate it being to cold to lovingly hand wash and wax it.

    tomorrow i'm gonna try one of those wand thingies from track auto "as seen on tv."

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    Re: no angst thread

    yea, i'm also sick of people complaing about not having a girl friend , i say if you spent less time tapping on your keyboard and go out and be social maybe you could meet someone.

    btw, angst!!

    now it's not angst free

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    Re: no angst thread

    AH, the sweet irony in someone typing "d00d i nd a g/f!!!!!!!"

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