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    check out.... This has got to be one of the funniest things I've ever seen, and the strange part is, some of the stuff will work!!

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    Re: check out....

    lol .. i like the under 1$ section :P
    the layout of the site is nice too..

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    Re: check out....

    It's so.... ghetto..... I LOVE IT !!!

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    Re: check out....

    Yeah, I really like the hard drive speakers- I may give that a shot. ;D ;D ;D

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    Re: check out....

    rofl... ah man, that site is priceless...

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    Re: check out....


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    Re: check out....

    ROFL, my school has some old broken HD's lying around, I am so going to do the HDD speaker mod!! ;D ;D

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    Re: check out....


    rofl, that's funny.

    I was going to link the Large Array of Stale Technology (L.A.S.T.), but I didn't find it in a google image search. I hung that up at work once, and it stayed up for the better part of a year. Sad part was most of the stuff in the department I hung it up in really was old junk.

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    Re: check out....

    Cool stuff, dude. No jive.

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