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Thread: New videocard

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    New videocard

    Yup.... Lovey has had it with his GeForce card. So he went to town and brought back a neato ATI Radeon 7500 with TV-Out.

    This was a decision based in etics, seeing as ATI support open development and nVidia doesn't, anyway after all the trouble I had with the old one, I would sooner consider installing an old PCI card that another nVidia card.

    Soo far I'm very happy with my new Radeon and I'm currently writing a thank you note to ATI, informing them on the basis of my decision to buy their card... hoping that if enough people do that, we will get ATi to continue the support for DRI.

    anyways, so far 8) ATi 8)

    On to installing DRI and getting this baby 3D airborn !

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    Re: New videocard

    Suh-weeeeet...nice to see that you have found a vid card that you like. And, it's nice to see that you are giving back to the community by telling ATI how much you appreciate their support of open-source software/drivers.

    8)You Rock!!! 8)

    BTW, tell me how your experience goes, as I was thinking about buying a nifty-new ATI Radeon.

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    Re: New videocard

    I've been hacking it for hours... DRI is not very forgiving... I might even have to RTFM.... :

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