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Thread: Today is a good day

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    Re: Today is a good day

    Here's a lovely song about my favorite food.

    Lima, lentil, soy, and pinto,
    Navy, northern, and garbanzo,
    Kidneys and frijoles negros,
    I love beans!

    I love beans, woo woo woo!
    I love beans, how 'bout you?
    High in fiber, low in fat.
    Hey, I bet you didn't know that!

    When I eat beans I sit in my own little cloud.
    Nobody comes to visit me in my little cloud.
    I don't know why. Maybe it's 'cause I'm cuttin' muffins. Because-

    I love beans, hey hey hey!
    I love beans every day!
    Beans are an excellent source of protein.
    I love beans, dinky-doo!
    lol...I enjoyed that one. Of course, I agree with it, totally. I also didn't try to actually sing it, for fear that it would harm the ear drums of anyone within ear shot !

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    Re: Today is a good day

    Ashcrow - for that song I will bring back Brak

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    Re: Today is a good day

    Today is yet another bad day, because I woke up and I had a cold Also, Linux froze AGAIN. I'm getting seriously pissed off! I'm gonna dump Linux and install Windows 2000!!!
    I've managed to get my linux box to crash 3 times. Now, I'm convinced that it's just Xwindows freezing, not actually linux crashing. I believe that if I ran an ssh server, I could ssh in from outside and kill X and it'd be fine, though unfortunately I have no such luxury.

    Now, here's the kicker: All three crashes were directly related with the use of windows codecs for watching a movie -- twice using mplayer to watch an asf file, and once using codeweaver's crossover plugin to watch ballmer give some speach on something (it crashed before he even finished saying the first word so I don't know what it was about).

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