very new to networking

PC 1 Mandriva 2005LE
eth0 is 3com NIC setup thru Mandrake CC to connect to DSL modem - all OK (auto DHCP)
eth1 is netgear NIC setup thru Mandrake CC to home net thru lynksis hub to PC 2
setup static
hostname name1.mylan

PC 2 Mandrake 10.0
eth0 is SiS NIC setup thru MCC to home net thru the linksys hub
setup static
hostname name2.mylan

each PC is able to ping itself and each other
I see hub lights indicating activity
PC1 is able to 'see' PC2 via ssh via Konqueror

PC2 cannot 'see' PC 1
error mssg
an error occurred while loading
could not connect to host

Unless it is related to the problem, I am not concerned about internet sharing right now. I think if I get these 2 PCs to see each other first, then the internet sharing will fall into place.

I can post some outputs

any help appreciated

Ahhhhhh... ssh was not running on PC1.

I now have ssh connection thru Konqueror between the following PCs, but no 'net sharing.

PC1 Mandriva 2005LE
eth0 is NIC --> DSL modem configured as DHCP dynamic during setup
eth1 is NIC -->hub --> PC2 confgured as static (

PC2 Mandrake 10.0
eth0 is NIC -->hub-->PC1 configured as static (

Have tried internet sharing with MCC on PC1, but the Mandriva documentation does not help by saying "fill out these boxes with info from your administrator".

I have set these up using GUI and have heard it is not good to mix with CL. If I alter the static network to DHCP for internet sharing I lose the ssh connection.

Any help appreciated

OK...... did not have ssh running. All OK now