Ok, let's get it all out in the open... and the females can join in as well.... let's have some fun


Intelligent, prefer women with at least some clue when it comes to computers. Use of Linux no requirement (conversion??... I like a challenge). Sadly most chicks I know have absolutely no clue what so ever... And on top of that, no humor at all...

Independent, nothing earns my respect more than a women whos opinion I can deeply respect. (this goes for men to, only non sexually )

Confidence, I don't know why, but confidence just makes a women prettier.

Short, I don't really know why I find small women sexy... maybe it's because every female I be around since I was a child was very small...

Pretty eyes, As stated before on this forum I'm a complete sucker for a pair for pretty eyes... Sort of the eyes are the mirror of the soul type of stuff. Happy peoples eyes radiate, I like that.

Long hair, I don't personally care about the color, just as long as it's long.... I don't know a single man who doesn't find shoulder long hair sexy. It's a universial fact.

Must enjoy movies... If possible... Share my love for The X Files and weird British humour such as Monty Python.

Must look good in a dress, have decent table manners and the ability to have fun, without thought to the costs... If I ask you out, it's because I'm willing to pay for dinner, etc. It's non of your concern.. period... and don't complain when I hand over my VISA, I'm paying ! As I see it you repay me with your company.