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Thread: The "I had a crappy week" Thread

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    Re: The "I had a crappy week" Thread

    I want a long term, stable job.
    Man, I'm afraid those are all gone with 80s thingie.....

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    Re: The "I had a crappy week" Thread

    Why can't happiness be contagious instead of depression? It seems like only the bad things ever spread.
    I don't make the rules

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    Re: The "I had a crappy week" Thread

    Or that you could take some crap job until things picked up. I mean I'm thinking about going back to my old job which I held about 8 years ago as a waiter until things picked up again around here in the valley ....
    Well I haven't exactly been selective. I even picked up an application from Wal-Mart. I just want something that I can tolerate for the next 2 months. But the food industry is just too much for me. I could not be a waitor or a fast food guy or whatever. I'm not saying the job itself is just horrible, but it's definately not cut out for me. I would get sick of it by the end of the first day.

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