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Thread: gah.. stupid crazy week

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    gah.. stupid crazy week

    bah.. I thought march break was a time to relax... but for me, cadets has taken it all up... in fact, this coming weekend will be my first weekend at home in the last two weeks.

    two weekends ago I was away writing a test, last weekend was our bush weekend(spend a weekend at an old cub scouts camp, sleeping outside if you want, in sub-zero(celsius) temperatures. they give us nice big arctic sleeping bags though, and big tents to sleep in .

    then, we had our march break trip to Halifax, from monday to wednesday.

    At least I have the rest of the march break free but I'm not gonna be able to spend much of it with my gf, as her squadron(she's in air cadets) is going to nova scotia tomorrow

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    Re: gah.. stupid crazy week

    I feel for you, phpgeek. This week has been super hectic for me, as well. I have been running around trying to get all sorts of paperwork together for my wife, so that she can give birth in Germany instead of Turkey (long story). This is also the month that I have to get my family residency permits for Turkey (because we are Americans). And on and on and on.

    What truly sucks is that I work night shift, so my kids will have to live with someone else while my wife is away in Germany (for a whole month, dang it). I will have to visit my own kids during my duty time and then switch my sleep schedule when I am off. Oh, joy. I can't wait until the end of the first week of April, as I should be with my wife in Germany! Yeah!

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