Why would I expect that from you and your friends ??

anyways, you are all free to join me in my "mansion", the garden alone should hold a respectable amount of people and we could build a massive grill on the lawn, to make those burgers and those chilli dogs we all love so much.
We dont seem to get the health factor when it comes to drinking games. 5 beers in 5 minutes is not too uncommon

Of course that sometimes leads to drunk walks at 11pm......

Anyhooo ... Lets first find a place that we are all cool with and then try to work a date to get there at. If I gotta fly, that means saving up some deniros. Driving -- I can do that in a days notice.

And Ashcrow -- Mapquest and my Nextel's expedia have bailed my ass out multiple times when lost. And being a part time field tech, I can get lost anytime.