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Thread: Violation of the GPL

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    Violation of the GPL ... is it? Or do they release the cod eunder the GPL. I can't find any info anywhere about if they do or not ... but I might be semi blind tonight.

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    Re: Violation of the GPL

    because i understand about being parlty sighted, click on
    hplx = hp linux =anotherr sign the penguin is unstoppable!

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    Re: Violation of the GPL

    I don't think it's in violation of GPL. After all, HP did release whatever they did modification to the kernel and some stuff. The only source closed ones are their tools that are used to modify it.

    GPL said you have to release source if you modify the GPL stuff. You do not have to release source if your program is made to work with GPL stuff and do not make use of GPLed codes ( Opera for example ).


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