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    way cool man

    Finally got my gateway and firewall setup. Im cruising now on my workstation with the 19inch monitor and life for once, is good. Still a few issues to take care of, but for the most part, life is good.
    ;D :-* ;D

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    Re: way cool man

    congrats... and oh... I HATE YOU !! :P

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    Re: way cool man

    Yeah. I HATE YOU TOO!!! :P

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    Re: way cool man

    It's not nice to hate.

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    Re: way cool man

    In the right corner, we got pbharris' new firewall/gateway! In the left corner, GnuVince is still standing with his good ol' OpenBSD firewall/gateway! Let the fight begin!!

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    Re: way cool man

    ah come on Vince we know my 'lil old hardare router will get its hiney tromped! sure - it runs on alot less juice it really lacks the ability to be flexible.

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