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Thread: Squid and Microsoft

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    Squid and Microsoft

    I've got 2 squid servers running, one with microsoft's site mostly blocked, especially the download section, to prevent the users from downloading updates directly. The other has no sites blocked, except some host entries for ad-blocking purposes. This allows us (the technicians) to download files as needed from Microsoft's site in a controlled manner. Both servers are secured with an ACL, different lists maintained for each server. When a computer is setup on the 'blocked' server (we'll call it Anti-MS ), when I install a Microsoft product such as Office 2k3, it requires an activation, but is unable to access the web and I have to do a phone activation. If I set the same computer up for the other squid proxy, it connects to microsoft's site and activates with no problem.

    Now, for the less astute in the group, you'll notice "Well, duh! You've got that one blocking part of Microsoft's site!!! Of course the other works.". The astute of you will notice that I didn't mention a login process. That's correct, the non-blocked server, with an ACL in place, allows the office package to contact the evil one's website WITHOUT requiring authentication. That means one of two things. Either the programmers for Squid are in cahoots with Microsoft, and allow a back door, no authentication required connection , or, the more likely one, the minimal traffic required to verify a valid internet connection is being undercut by Microsoft's authentication protocols, and circumventing/hijacking the packet traffic and routing it under Squid's locked door.

    Any thoughts on the topic? I'd be glad to provide more details, such as version, etc, but quite honestly, I don't think how exactly my proxies are configured is the issue here. The simple fact is, an ACL is in place, and ANY network traffic should require authentication, and it is not. It does not matter if a login has occurred on the computer before or not, the packet never triggers a squid authentication flag....

    Don't particularly like this, and would love to find out how this is occurring, and for the more paranoid of you, ever wonder just how much Microsoft knows about your computer, and thought you were safe because you sit behind that proxy server?

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    No reponses at all? Over 150 views, and no thoughts...anyone tested this? Seen it? Read about it in a trashy tabloid somewhere??! Anything?!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ahhzz
    No reponses at all? Over 150 views, and no thoughts...anyone tested this? Seen it? Read about it in a trashy tabloid somewhere??! Anything?!!!
    I found your first post using google, I expected it to be over a year old, but looks like it is still fresh. Why don't you remove the tin foil hat and post the relevant activity from your access_log? You might even go 1 step further and reveal what you are using for your acl entries. Maybe a grep ^acl /etc/squid/squid.conf.

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