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Thread: Warning about Post Padding

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    Warning about Post Padding

    Please take note of the following notice on Post Padding:

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    Re: Warning about Post Padding

    A technique on various "bulletin boards" on the "internet" can have very detrimental health effects.

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    Re: Warning about Post Padding

    This technique is known as "post padding."

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    Re: Warning about Post Padding

    Post padding has been known to cause severe flaming of wars, headaches, nausea, alien abductions, fnords, running mice, bull herding, C-like syntax, binary encoding, and even death.

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    Re: Warning about Post Padding

    Symptoms include flamewars, screenshots, late nights, desperate calls for help, blatantly bad grammar and spelling, and running with bulls.

    Please, if you know anyone with these symptoms, call 1-900-POST-PAD (first minute is free, $50.00/minute for each additional minute.)

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    Re: Warning about Post Padding

    I think it's funny that you only have 399 posts... ROFL ;D

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