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Thread: It's been awhile - What's on your CD player

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    Re: It's been awhile - What's on your CD player

    Frank Zappa- "The Best Band You Never Heard"; In particular, FZ's version of "Stairway to Heaven" played by a 16 pc. orchestra with a brass section. Pretty Tasty!!

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    Re: It's been awhile - What's on your CD player

    CyberGal is my kinda woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    Right now I have Jimmy Buffet on.....................
    Honey why don't we get drunk and......................

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    Re: It's been awhile - What's on your CD player

    [spot@halb music]$ ls
    Better Than Ezra - Artifakt/
    Butthole Surfers - LIVE PCPPEP/
    Corrosion Of Conformity - Americas Volume Dealer/
    Crash Test Dummies - God Shuffled His Feet/
    Danny Gatton - Redneck Jazz Explosion/
    Fishbone - The Reality Of My Surroundings/
    Infectious Grooves - Sarsippius' Ark (Ltd. Edition)/
    James Brown - The CD of JB/
    King Crimson - The ConstruCKtion Of Light/
    Minutemen - 3-Way Tie (For Last)/
    Minutemen - Double Nickels On The Dime/
    Minutemen - What Makes A Man Start Fires/
    Phish - Farmhouse/
    Queensr?che - Operation-Mindcrime/
    The John Doe Thing - KissingSoHard/
    Tool - Lateralus/

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