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Thread: Martial arts

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    Re: Martial arts

    I did TaeKwonDo for five years, on two different schools. Second school was better. Our instructor was prretty good.

    I always remember a story about that school. When I was on 11th grade, my instructor's brother was in 12th. He was an instructor too. But the guy does not look like a martial artist. He is really skinny, and he didn't went around telling he had a Black Belt 2nd Dan. Anyway, a guy started picking on him, and, as his brother had a TaeKwonDo school, he didn't wanted to create bad publicity by getting into a fight on schoolgrounds. So he went to talk to the principal. She didn't do a thing. Couple of days later, the guy started picking on him again. Guy got a hook kick to the nose. I don't think he ever picked on anyone else again.

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    Re: Martial arts

    Kendo, iaido, kempo, aikido (sp is wrong), bastardized more practical form of ninjutsu, a drop of kung-fu.

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    Re: Martial arts

    Not been here much lately, so missed this thread, and seeeing as I was wondering myself.....

    I've mostly studied Aikido, but the head sensei decided what we were doing was no longer Aikido and formed a new school of Aiki-tai-jutsu (rough translation, focused spirt(energy)- body- magic(art form)) so I guess I studied that too. A big portion of the school fell out with our sensei and formed our own aiki-kai and studied weapons-work with this amazing japanese guy, who was so like Mr. Miagi, it rocked. He also taught a wierd combination of shintaido(sp?) (all about focusing energy through vocalisation) and karate, which most of us took as well.

    I also did a bit of Jujustsu, shotokan karate, wing chung, and kendo.

    I only studied more for the "arts" bit than the "hard as nails" bit. I'm not a violent man, and have successfully avoided any fights in my life. Infact the only times I've found doing anything like that useful is for breakfalls. The number of times I've needed that greatly out numbers the number of times I've needed to know hand locks.

    I'd love to start aikido again, but I can't seem to find a traditional school within traveling distance. All of them near are more like the tasamuko school of aiki, which is all competetive and not to my taste. (yes, I am a hippie * )

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