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Thread: Martial arts

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    Martial arts

    How many of my fellow geeks study the martial arts? I'm sorry if this duplicates any posts, but you should know that I very rarely make it down below Linux Community.

    I study Muay Thai as my primary art, with Kali, Brazilian JiuJitsu, and some JunFan Jeet Kune Do (JKD). If you've tried anything, from tai chi in the park to full contact anything goes matches, let me know...

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    Re: Martial arts

    I did Korean Tai Kwan Do for a short time before moving to Florida where I found no sensi's that I belived could teach correctly.

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    Re: Martial arts

    I was into Kuk Sool Won for some time. The Grand Master was going to plop me into a school and let me run it after spending time training with him in Houston. My judgement was clouded by an insane woman who totally f*cked me up in the head. I ended up getting out of the martial arts scene and eventually breaking up with the nut. So now I sport a slight beer gut and some college credits.

    For those who are not familiar, Kuk Sool is a conglomeration of traditional Korean Martial Arts.

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    Re: Martial arts

    Violence is against my religion.

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    Re: Martial arts

    I wanna fight like Lei Fei in Virtua Fighter 4!

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    Re: Martial arts

    link=board=playground&num=1019283932&start =0#3 date=04/20/02 at 12:33:28]
    Violence is against my religion.
    Martial Arts are not about violence.

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    Re: Martial arts

    shoriniji toraken ryu; includes kempo and jujitsu. i try and get in some iado or jenjutsu when i can, but i have a hard enough time squeezing in the main stuff into my schedule

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    Re: Martial arts

    Martial Arts are not about violence.
    Oh oh.. I meant I don't like to get beaten up by Ninjas who are totally sweet and insane...

    I enjoyed a few lessons in full contact Ashihara Karate a few years back, but my body couldn't take the pressure - so I had to stop training. It was fun while it lasted.

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    Re: Martial arts

    Umm, I can juggle! I can start off juggling three things with both hands, switch to juggling with two with one hand (either hand) and back to three with two hands! :P

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    Re: Martial arts

    Wushu style Kung-Fu

    /me puts right hand over left fist, and bows.

    Plan to start Tai Chi. Need to focus more on that.

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