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Thread: Favorite drink

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    Re: Favorite drink

    almost anything goes... after enough drinks anything goes

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    Re: Favorite drink

    1) Bombay Saphire gin and tonic

    2) Good Beer

    3) If I am feeling fru-fru, then a Midori sour

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    Re: Favorite drink

    1. Spark (pre-mixed 6% alcohol plus sort of a redbull)
    2. Vodka and ice tea
    3. Grape koolaide

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    Re: Favorite drink

    Red Label + SevenUp
    Henry Wienhard Private Reserve Beer

    Aloha Pineapple Jamba Juice

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    Re: Favorite drink

    apple juice, orange juice, and lemonade...but when it's time for alcohol

    1) Bombay Saphire gin and tonic
    Have to agree with you there, my favorite drink...with a wedge of lime of course. Some of my other favs...

    Herradura Tequila shots

    White Russian with Absolut vodka (or any other top shelf vodka)

    Good Japanese sake <-- served hot...very smooth

    Any dry red wine

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    Re: Favorite drink

    Hello tequilla one
    Hello tequilla two
    Hello tequilla three
    Hello floor...

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    Re: Favorite drink




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