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Thread: What would you do

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    Re: What would you do

    mmm to get the subject off masturbation......

    yea waiting for them can be a pain... once me and my friend were waiting for 2 of em at victoria's secret... so we're sitting in the chairs, mocking the bras (there were some that went from like neck to hips... quit funny looking

    but it was taking the girls HOURS (not really, but a long time) so we got up to see if they got lost or something and some worker comes over "Can i help you?" so my friend starts to say "we're waiting for our friends" and i say "yes i'm looking for a bra"
    anyway the worker was like "ohhh you guys..." and rolled her eyes and walked away

    it was funny though! made it worth waiting for them.

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    Re: What would you do

    I'd find my damn "G" spot!!
    Here, here...I second LinuzRulz on that one!


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