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Thread: More Adult Swim!

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    Re: More Adult Swim!

    All the shows are funny as hell! We need to get something going to archive them
    d00d!!! Great idea!! I guess I'll hook up the AIW, and start recoding.

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    Re: More Adult Swim!

    i swim like an otter! a sexy little otter!!

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    Re: More Adult Swim!

    i swim like an otter! a sexy little otter!!
    ROFL!!! Stormy is almost too funny! That last episode where he turned into a genius because of the pills was crazy!

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    Re: More Adult Swim!

    Tonight's was pretty funny too. "I hereby declare Sealab under Martian law."

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    Re: More Adult Swim!


    I missed it! Why the hell did they stop showing it a second time on Thurday!?! That was the only time I could watch it! If it wasn't for those damn Monday mornings! >

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    Re: More Adult Swim!

    Dude, you really need a VCR and some blank tapes.

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    Re: More Adult Swim!

    Like I said, someone needs a TV Tuner!

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    Re: More Adult Swim!

    Does Linux support the ATI AIW 128 Pro? I have one just sitting in the closet. :P If it does I will be more than happy to recorded them if someone will host the site for the videos. As for the VCR, I really don't trust ours. :P

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    Re: More Adult Swim! ... looks like it. I'll be more than happy to host.

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    Re: More Adult Swim!

    Right on! Ok, I'm installing the card tommorow, and buying a splitter. All is good! Now, does anyone have any suggestions for software to use with this card?

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