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Thread: how to setup my DHCP in linux box

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    how to setup my DHCP in linux box


    please let me know how to setup my DHCP in linux box.



    yours lisa

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    DHCP config


    this is the answer for your simple silly question....... :lol: :shock:

    to get DHCP started:

    1. Some older Fedora/RedHat versions of the DHCP server will fail unless there is an existing dhcpd.leases file. Use the command touch /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases to create the file if it does not exist.

    # touch /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases

    2. Use the chkconfig command to get DHCP configured to start at boot:

    # chkconfig dhcpd on

    3. Use the service command to instruct the /etc/init.d/dhcpd script to start/stop/restart DHCP after booting

    # service dhcpd start

    # service dhcpd stop

    # service dhcpd restart

    4. Remember to restart the DHCP process every time you make a change to the conf file for the changes to take effect on the running process. You also can test whether the DHCP process is running with the following command; you should get a response of plain old process ID numbers:

    # pgrep dhcpd

    5. Finally, always remember to set your PC to get its IP address via DHCP.

    DHCP Servers with Multiple NICs

    When a DHCP configured PC boots, it requests its IP address from the DHCP server. It does this by sending a standardized DHCP broadcast request packet to the DHCP server with a source IP address of

    If your DHCP server has more than one interface, you have to add a route for this address so that it knows the interface on which to send the reply; if not, it sends it to the default gateway. (In both of the next two examples, we assume that DHCP requests will be coming in on interface eth0).

    Note: More information on adding Linux routes and routing may be found in Chapter 3 on Linux Networking.

    Note: You can't run your DHCP sever on multiple interfaces because you can only have one route to network If you try to do it, you'll discover that DHCP serving working on only one interface.

    Temporary Solution

    You can temporarily add a route to using the route add command as seen below.

    # route add -host dev eth0

    If you want this routing state to be maintained after a reboot, then use the permanent solution that's discussed next.

    Permanent Solution

    The new Fedora Linux method of adding static routes doesn't seem to support sending traffic out an interface that's not destined for a specific gateway IP address. The DHCP packet destined for address isn't intended to be relayed to a gateway, but it should be sent using the MAC address of the DHCP client in the Ethernet frame.

    You have one of two choices. Add the route add command to your /etc/rc.local script, or add an entry like this to your /etc/sysconfig/static-routes file.


    # File /etc/sysconfig/static-routes


    eth0 host

    Note: The /etc/sysconfig/static-routes file is a deprecated feature and Fedora support for it will eventually be removed.

    Now that you have configured your server, it's time to take a look at the DHCP clients

    check your luck

    all the best.


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    If you want to install DHCP server in debian check this link very good tutorial

    Quote Originally Posted by lisadone

    please let me know how to setup my DHCP in linux box.



    yours lisa

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