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Thread: Odd request

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    Odd request

    I just saw on /. that the Dreamcast will be sold off on the US market at 50$ starting next week, and would like one to give as a wedding gift (DON'T ASK!!)

    Does anyone know if it will hit the European / Danish markets at this price too it not, where should I buy it online ?

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    Re: Odd request

    you could try but I dont know if they do international orders.

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    Re: Odd request

    Good lord. I might have to buy one myself. I was impressed with what I saw of the system. I saw Resident Evil: Codename Veronica and it blew anything I'd ever seen on Playstation, except fmv's, away.

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    Re: Odd request

    WOW!!! I am thinking of picking one of these up. Thats one hell of a price and you do know you can run linux on it 8)

    One problem comes to mind when I think of getting one and that is the availability of games, controllers, memory cards, etc once these things are off the market. I can only assume that they would still be continued to some degree considering the amount of people that already have one of these systems. So....any thoughts on this??

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    Re: Odd request

    You can always pick up second hand games and places like EB and Best Buy will probably have the games for a while at least. I don't know of many new games, but there is still game dev going on with it (3rd party).

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    Re: Odd request

    Well this is just too good for me to pass up. My old roomie had one and I've played it...pretty sweet. I guess this will be taking up one of my Christmas gifts for this year ;D

    And for any skeptics out there.....I just checked and it is listed there at $49.99 in stock.

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    Re: Odd request

    Don't expect those games to be on shelves for long. Support for this console is doing downhill fast. It's going to be like trying to find Turbografx 16 games. But they're cheap enough now that I don't think that matters. Just grab them right now.

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    Re: Odd request

    It doesn't seem like the dreamcast will hit the DK market at this price... I'll order it from amazon if I have to!

    Damn, that's going to be one nasty shipping charge...

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    Re: Odd request

    You do realise that an american DC won't play euro games with out a boot CD, don't you? I'm sure you do, you're a smart chappie, but better safe than sorry.

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    Re: Odd request

    And if they make a modchip for it like the Playstation, I would recommend against that unless you know someone who's very good at soldering. I tried to put one on my Playstation and was soldering the very last wire, then I lightly jerked on it and it pulled one of the pins of an integrated circuit out. I was so pissed, I could have punched a hole in the wall. It was only a few weeks old but I couldn't find the receipt to take it back. And since there aren't any good emulators for Linux and FreeBSD, I'm stuck without a way to play my Japanese Final Fantasy VII game. <sighs>

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