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Thread: Tux and Legality of Merch

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    Tux and Legality of Merch

    Is it legal to sell shirts with Tux incorporated into the design somehow? I've seen many a merch with Tux but I was wondering how legal that is.

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    Re:Tux and Legality of Merch

    The copyright on linux is that if you use the word linux, it must refer to linux. I dunno if it's the same type of deal with everyone's favorite penguin.

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    Re:Tux and Legality of Merch

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    Re:Tux and Legality of Merch

    "The logos here are Copyright 1997 Andreas Dilger, however they are free for commercial and non-commercial use - this means you can use them to make T-shirts, mugs, stickers, etc with them. The Tux image is Copyright 1997 Larry Ewing. I don't require that my name appear in conjunction with this logo. However, it should not be mis-represented as the work of someone else (ie don't say that YOU created the logo). Note that I also have larger versions of Tux and some of these logos available, please contact me directly. If you are feeling generous, it would be nice to have one of whatever it is you are making..."


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