added more
starter server package for $120 OBO shipped UPS ground (USA 48 only, others contact for extra $)
super micro P6SLS motherboard , has onboard UW scsi
2x64 mb ECC ram (3 of the 4 ram slots are 'good', email for details)
pentium 333mhz cpu on it
quantum viking II uw scsi hard drive, 4.5gb 7200rpm
quantum fireball TM scsi-2 hard drive, 2.1gb, 4500rpm
4x scsi cdrom
compaq deskpro XE 560 pc
pentium 60, 16 mb ram , 270 mb hard drive , on board video and sound
3.5" floppy and an ide cdrom, don't know what speed, probably 2X, maybe 4x
3 ISA NIC's, 3com 3c509 cards
loaded with , linux router OS/software
it is supposed to work with dsl/pppoe, but i can't get it to work, if you have cable and have wanted a seperate router box, this is for you, choose the dhcp option and away you go. *includes a web proxy server/firewall/intrusion detection, go to the smoothwall website and check it out.
$35 + shipping costs via UPS ground
four parallel port printer cables, db25-centronics, 'standard' classis printer cables, 6 ft, just tested
$4 shipped for one, $6 shipped for two, $8 shipped for three, $10 shipped for all four
three manual generic data transfer switches , parallel port, two position A-B, DB-25 female, just verified they all work in both positions
$5 shipped for one, $8 shipped for two, $10 shipped for all three

email is best