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Thread: 486 DX4 100 FS/FT

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    486 DX4 100 FS/FT

    I had an old 133 MHZ out in the garage and my Goddaughter's father asked me to fix his old 486 DX4 but Instead I gave him my 133 and I got his old box... I have installed Debian w/ ReiserFS. I have been told I need to get rid of a box.... Because I know have three.... I wish I could keep them all but my parents hate when I have my boxes on 24/7 and they say that the electric bill is higher because of that...(Do you think my computers and use a lot of juice?)

    Anyways I have this 486DX4 100 and it has a 850MB hd and no floppy and no cdrom anyone interested.... OFer me something...

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    Re: 486 DX4 100 FS/FT

    I would but I wasted all my money at the computer show on parts for my 3 133s


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