The European Parliament on Tuesday voted to adopt an amendment to the draft directive on electronic data collection and privacy to restrict the use of cookies. If the vote is ratified, Web sites will have to explicitly ask users if they want to accept cookies--a move that the advertising industry says could be damaging to business. interesting. Unfortunately, cookies in people's mind became malicious pests that are used for advertising and invading privacy by tracking movements on websites.
Cookies are just a tool, like a knife for example. A knife can be used to chop up food in the kitchen or kill somebody with. Should knives be banned?
Cookies or not evil, people who use it for evil purposes are. This site for example is using cookies without hurting anyone.
If I understand correctly, websites have to ask permission from the user to use cookies. Well, users already have the option to disable cookies in their browsers, so I don't understand what difference this decision should make.